Variety, The bible of show business said "Buddy Loren remains one of the more savvy entertainers of his genre".

The Sydney Telegraph called him "one of the world's top performers". Rave reviews have followed him in over 25 countries worldwide. Buddy is now firmly established as Asia's leading corporate events entertainer with an
amazing track record of success performing for the world's most prestigious multinational companies and organizations.

The key to Buddy's being in high demand is his versatility and ability to adapt and delight all types of audiences and age groups a feat very few entertainers in the world have been able to achieve.

He sings in over 20 languages and dialects and not just phonetically ......he works with language coaches in order to phrase the words correctly and understand the meanings of the songs.

Buddy started his career in his early teens as a lead singer with Doo Wop style vocal groups in the Boston area later going on to show groups.

During this time he was appearing with his show group at a beach resort where across the street a supper club was featuring the biggest stars of that time.

In between his own shows, Buddy was able to meet and spend time with his idols and in some cases opened the show with an early spot before going on to do his band sets. Among his celebrity favorites Bobby Darin stands out.

"A lot of people don't realize what a great act Bobby Darin was...I mean he could sing all styles of music, do great impressions, play instruments and do comedy. He had a reputation of having a bit of an edge but I found him to be a warm, funny and humble person".

Inspired by Darin, Buddy wrote and act for himself and went solo traveling throughout the States performing his show in all types of clubs even doing a season with a country and western band in Shreveport Louisiana!

A stint entertaining at US Bases in Germany led him to England where he produced and starred at a top London Club that featured star guests such as the legendary jazz great Dizzy Gillespie. A summer season at the Winter Gardens theatre had Buddy performing a Laurel and Hardy routine with the great and acclaimed actor singer comedian Sir Harry Secombe.

More overseas contract offers led Buddy to Australia where he headlined at the lucrative Sydney League Clubs before basing himself in West Australia where he regularly shuttled back and forth to South East Asia doing performing for premier multinational companies at their special events.

Due to his popularity and high demand for his corporate shows throughout Asia, Buddy formed companies in Singapore and Malaysia however he still travels the world to perform now and then...a show for a world renowned computer dealers convention in Honolulu Hawaii being an example.

Buddy is the most requested entertainer for corporate events throughout Asia, with this in mind early inquiries are strongly recommended as future dates are filling fast and availabilities over the next twelve months are limited.